Apple’s T2 security chip has an unfixable flaw

After reading through the click bait type articles and getting to the details of the exploit for the Mac vulnerability that allows a user to bypass Apple’s trusted T2 security chip and gain deep system access. My thoughts are that it’s been blown out of all proportion and mostly misinterpreted and for the average user there is no immediate threat.

If you are a high value target then you may have an issue. to consider for protecting your data. With physical access to the device and enough time to brute force the users password access to the underlying encrypted data is possible.

The vulnerability is not persistent so for long term attack and you would need multiple access to the device to have reapply the exploit.

The best protection is a good strong login password which will protect most users If you have a high value data it would be best to use another encryption to protect the data, use File Vault to do full disk encryption of the storage device and then use something like VeraCrypt to protect the valuable data.

Where I think the exploit will be used is in stolen devices. With the exploit there is now a way to brute force the user login to wipe the device and then resell the Mac.

As always when out and about always keep your device with you especially if you are a high value target.

No one knows except Apple if this can be fixed by software yet, time will tell.

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